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Where do I start? I come year after year to help with the Child Rescue and always had heard rumors of Child Rescue using money for things they shouldn't and problems with the management on the India side where they actually help the kids. I read a few reviews on El Shaddai (Child Rescue) and it confirmed what I have been seeing hints of. I asked to see the books and they agreed though I had to wait a few days which turned into weeks. When I looked at the books; things didn't match up.

Since I donate regularly and volunteer yearly, I wanted to make sure kids get the best and the conditions for the kids gets better and better and from over 7 years of volunteering, this was not the case. I decided to hire an investigator and here's what he found:

1. Books were fake that were given. They didn't show all the donations that came in or any outside spending activity (events that had nothing to do with El Shaddai or was questionable, church expenses that were not for the kids, etc.)

2. Multiple layoffs and employee corruption mainly from "Pastor Matthew Kurian" and "Julia Kurian"

3. Unethical behaviors such as blackmailing, employee management (working extreme overtime and across many job descriptions)

and of course more.

Please message me if you would like to see these books. Obviously I have stopped working and giving money for El Shaddai and have been encourging others to do the same. This is sad story of how corruption on such a once wonderful charity...

I didn't like: Management.

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Beijing, Beijing, China #1299588

Just to start I would like to know who gave you permission to use the El Shaddai official logo?Pissed Consumer?

I hope you know it is a crime right? I can help you - Misappropriation of image

But do not worry, a goog layer must know about.

Firstly, sorry my English.

Okay, let's go! Just to clear my doubts.

Item number 1 about fake books - Are you sure? How do you know about donations incomes?

I think only who has special permission. Did you have? I WANT TO RECEIVE COPIES my email is jrm4557@gmail.com

Item number 2 about corruptions - You are accusing all, including the employees. Do you have pieces of evidence?

You are also saying the same about the employees if you have any evidence I WANT TO RECEIVE COPIES Item number 2 about blackmailing - Oh! Of course! I WANT TO RECEIVE EVIDENCE! Special request, I want to see your authorization to use El Shaddai's logo.

I WANT A COPY. Just to confirm my email: jrm4557@gmail.com To finalise: Do you know the history about El Shaddai? Did you see more than 300 hundred children studying and many in the college? Did you see the meals distributed in the slums (more than 300 hundred) daily?

Did you go to slums? Shelters? Community Centres? Did you hear all the children calling the "Pastor" FATHER?

Do you know who is Anita from the UK? Do you know that frequently they are called by police to help children? Please, think more about your complaint because...

Can you do the same like El Shaddai is doing? It is very cheap only £1 per day but you need to provide all that they are receiving. Waiting for the evidence. Thank you very much.

God bless you.

By the way, I am like anonymous because a did not do my login but my full name is José Roberto Mendes.Could you tell me your full name, please?

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Bangalore, Karnataka, India #1298574

Yes its a fake charity

to lina1988 Beijing, Beijing, China #1299554

It is not true. Do you have any prove or only fake words?


Had this exact concern when I visited, I did talk to the kids and what they said were very sad. "Pastor" Matthew Kurian is doing a lot of unethical practices. When I spoke to the police they just shrugged it off, I would love to see if they are paying off the police, how far does this corruption go?

to Anonymous Beijing, Beijing, China #1299561

If I understood well you are making a complaint about the "Pastor", the police and accusing the police of corruption?

If hope you have proofs right! Can you show?



Recently visited this "organization".Stay far away!

We showed up unexpectedly due to the reviews we saw and we were horrified. The kids places were not like the photos you see, the food that was fed to the kids were terrible, the manager Matthew Kurian and his family was eating very lavishly.

Matthew's house was extremely clean with lots of electronics, kind of reminds me of those scams you see on those television programs...

We tried reporting this to the Goa Police, but they said they get lots of reports about this and they can't do anything about it.

London, London, United Kingdom #945557

We have had the same disappointing experience with El Shaddai. They are not well liked in the community, the "Pastor" lives lavishly and even before us there has been constant complaints and investigations from the past 10 years.

to Amy Beijing, Beijing, China #1299552

Under investigations at the last 10 years Amy and till now nothing against him?

Are they not well liked in the community?

Wich community Amy? The "Pastor" lives lavishly! Do you know the history about El Shaddai?

Did you see more than 300 hundred children studying and many in the college?

Did you see the meals distributed in the slums (more than 300 hundred) daily? Did you go to slums? Shelters? Community Centres?

Did you hear all the children calling the "Pastor" FATHER?

Do you know who is Anita from the UK? Do you know that they are called by police to help children? Please, think more about your complaint because you are trying to destroy the future of many children, by the way, STREET CHILDREN and ORPHANS. Why do you not take one to adopt?

Can you do the same like El Shaddai is doing?God bless you.

Marg, Goa, India #926913

Child Rescue was started by the founders...but it is we and the passionate staff, volunteers who drive the work of the charity...

If you have anything that needs improvement and not happening well, you can always suggest us or take time to understand before you write such a fake, false note on a credible charity which is doing great job...If you can't do anything good, at least stop being bad to something which is doing good.

Ashwini Naik
to Carol Marg, Goa, India #926937

I am working for SCAN-India (Stop Child Abuse Now)which is project of El-Shaddai.I working form the past 4yrs and 6months, dealing with childrens and women cases, the childrens and women who are victim of abused and we are also conducting free school campaigning for students, parents and teachers on Child abuse, child rights and their responcibilities.

as far as I know this organisation as an employee whatever said in the above false statements I dont agree with it.

This organisation is really working hard to help deprived children and Women with available resouces in hand, and so far they have been doing really good job.I am previlaged that I am part of this organisation.

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