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We have been volunteering for a couple of months and these reports are very true and less harsh than reality! In reality, money being spent is probably 70% for personal use, no joke. We have worked in the office and talked to the accountants and employees, here are some examples:

1. Recent Christmas Eve event was very expensive and had no El Shaddai Kids there

2. They do use the money for the church which specifically expressed that this is not a church for the El Shaddai Kids

3. Spent lots of money on GoaMarathon which from looking at the books, it has very little or none impact for El Shaddai

4. Spent lots of money on Global Leadership Summit in Panjim

5. Employees work for the church AND THE CHARITY! The church is called Faith Community Church and it's not involved with the kids in El Shaddai.

6. There is no accountability with purchases with Pastor Matthew

Every beginning of the year he spends lots of money on painting the office, remodelling the office, etc. He doesn't get multiple quotes or ask for advice even on areas he's not familiar with such as internet providers and hosting. He has paid for 6 hosting companies at once, paid for a mobile app that does not work and quite expensive for the type of quality, etc.

In short, Pastor Matthew Kurian runs El Shaddai and is doing a very poor job at it. He shows up when he wants to, never takes the blame, makes hasty decisions and makes excuses. Be careful on donating or spending your time at El Shaddai Street Child Rescue. There are many orphanages here in Goa you can go to.

One final note to show the heart of Pastor Matthew Kurian. When volunteers come, they pay a huge sum of 900 pounds just to volunteer. That money is suppose to be used to support them and cover their costs. This volunteer fee is incredibly high and have heard people say in the office we need volunteers to make money (hear this a lot from his wife!). That's a poor business plan and a charity should not have to make money off of it's volunteers!

Please let us know your stories as we are setting up a legal investigation.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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This is a very in depth review, thanks for sharing! Had some concerns with them as well!

London, London, United Kingdom #945559

I find it funny how only people who work on the marketing side of El Shaddai is responding and trying to uplift El Shaddai. Also, we have requested financial books (under a different name) and it didn't match the Tally books that we saw personally.

to Amy #1164157


Marg, Goa, India #926920

Child Rescue was started by the founders... but it is we and the passionate staff, volunteers who drive the work of the charity...

If you have anything that needs improvement and not happening well, you can always suggest us or take time to understand before you write such a fake, false note on a credible charity which is doing great job... If you can't do anything good, at least stop being bad to something which is doing good.

Marg, Goa, India #926334

Hi My name is Rucha... I am working with El Shaddai as Public Relations Manager...

All this reporting on this page against El Shaddai is false. Whoever has done this is done with intention of taking revenge. I have grown up in this organization, I have worked with a bank and now am looking after their PR activities. I have access to all the accounts records...

I have also gone through their Audited Account... I know the heart beat of the organization. There is nothing above mentioned which is true... Whoever wrote it has seen the charity but have never taken time to understand its different activities.

If they had so much concern about the charity, they should have spoken to one of us for improvement...

There thousands of children given support by El Shaddai's project. There are so many who cans see today is because of El Shaddai....


I agree with this report, so sad :(

to Tya Marg, Goa, India #926335

Dear Tya,

You said you agree with this report... Do you know the work of this organization...

I have grown up here and I know this Charity for more than 10+ years... I have seen hundreds of children growing up and becoming something in this world. I do appreciate your support towards the Charity, but whoever has written this above thing is not true... If you want to check the accounts personally, I can give you a copy of Audted accounts, Balancesheets, Income & Expense statement, Auditor's reports etc.

You point out and tell me if this organization is what it is mentioned here.... Do write to me:



to Rucha Singh #1164158

Not bias or anything? I got the REAL documents and it's appalling. ;)

Panjim, Goa, India #840835

El Shaddai Charitable Trust is one of the best charities in India. It is efficient in all its activities in order to help the underprivileged children.

Every year thousands of children are educated, sheltered and provided with basic requirements for better future. There are hundreds of children who have grown up in El Shaddai and are doing well... they all know the charity inside out of its dealing; I am one of them.

The charity is very transparent and accountable. I don't understand why anyone can write such a review without knowing the proper facts of the organization.

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